Full moon and holidays

600_103392972While being in study groups, a coven, and now a Wiccan meetup group, I find that trying to schedule full moon rituals in addition to holiday rituals a bit overwhelming.

I suppose it has more to do with being around people too much (I’m an introvert, by nature). I also found I haven’t been feeling well, physically or emotionally.  So this year, I’m opting out of the holiday festivities and even skipping the Full moon.

If you’re not feeling well, its inadvisable to be in ritual anyway, unless the ritual offers healing. Currently, I’m simply not up for a group healing either. I just want to hole up somewhere for a few weeks and be away from people.

I get that way now and then.

Once I have that period of time to take a break, I’m back to planning, organizing, and doing things again. Its like a spiritual hibernation to take stock of my goals, to recharge, and get back on track of things.

Do you feel that way? Do you take a break from everything? Do you feel it has to do with depression or a need to recharge now and then? Post in comments.


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