My Top Ten Posts of All Time

Tree of Life Sticker I find myself a bit befuddled with this whole thing of marketing. One tip I happened to find had something to do with figuring out your current stats. This is when I found my top ten posts for this blog;

Pagan tattoos

Symbols of Halloween

Blue Moon for December

Midsummer: The Sabbat of Litha

A witch’s familiar

What kind of pagan are you?

Skyclad- nudity in circles

Calling Quarters, invoking the elements

Animal Spirit Guides

Binding Spell: quelling the dark

It’s an odd mix of topics. I wonder why Litha got so many hits, yet the other posts on holidays didn’t. I wonder why so many people found the tattoo post interesting- if they did at all. It might be due to the fact the tags included pagan and tattoo.

But now I’m wondering what my readers would like to see;

  • Themed posts like ‘Wednesday witch’ or something like recipes and crafts.
  • More personal stories of what I did in the coven, or the study groups or even current groups I organize.
  • Books I’ve read and reviews.
  • Or continue as I am.

Please post in comments what you like and don’t like, and add ideas if you’d like to see more of something in this blog. I appreciate the feedback.


One response to “My Top Ten Posts of All Time

  1. Continue as you are, I really like you blog, although I miss Wednesday Witch 🙂

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