Individual Energies and Power of Self

211174952223860_0nBoRR9K_cWhen you start out learning about magical practices and so forth, you will find a number of ‘this-is-how-it’s-done’ tone in the books. Sometimes even priests or priestesses might take that stand as well, but also consider that you are an individual, and the universe is not ‘one-size-fits-all’.

People’s energies are different. Take, for example, mercury in retrograde. This is when magic and workings are said to go a bit haywire. Things might not work out as planned. I, however, found no difference in my life or actions. Perhaps I can blame the fact I embrace being a bit haywire myself. My energies might work very well under these conditions, while someone who is more structures will find frustration.

Your emotions play a part. As emotional beings, we understand that how we deal with the world can impact our lives. Anger and stress can lead to heart issues, bad habits, and overall poor health. It affects sleep and how we deal with situations. Those who have fears and insecurities may manifest all sorts of bad things, including sickness, just by letting those fears get the better of them Face those fears, scrutinize and understand so you may better understand your Self will help master your own Life.

Its essential to understand who we are and why we do the things we do. This is perhaps the single most important lesson a pagan should master- mastering of the Self. We need to recognize our darker Self, the fears, hate, anger, and other emotional much that holds us back (or holds us down). We also need to recognize our strengths, self worth, and  empowerment to work through issues as they come into our lives.

Recognize those difference in others. Just as we’re fine with certain things, other people are not. I don’t judge others who might be uncomfortable with going skyclad, or they’re shy around groups. I can only gently nudge them towards finding their strength and courage, or respect that in their personality.

Just as we learn about ourselves, we can also learn to sense what works and what doesn’t. Its not mercury in retrograde or even moon phases that affects my magic as much as self-doubt and my moods.

What do you think? Have you recognized things about yourself that you later overcame? Are you sensitive of others in groups to recognize the differences? Are those differences accommodated? What are your thoughts on individual energies? Post in comments.

Book of Shadows BindersBook of Shadows Assignment: Journal about your own energies, and what affects them the most. Is it weather, moon phases, other people, or other elements in your life? Add how you can overcome or deal with that.



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