Inspiration for spellwork

You can find tons of spells from books or online, but I think the most profound spellcasting will come from your ideas. Lately, I’ve found some neat ideas inspired by things I found on Pinterest of all places; (click on image for the specific post)


From Geninne’s Art Blog she shares some sketches on a leaf. I thought this would be a neat idea to add runes or intentions, then set adrift on a stream or river to release into the world.


At this site entitled Fiddlesnips, the author shares positive affirmation cards. These can easily be adapted to be invocation, incantation, prayers, or even spell cards.



This craft idea from IntimiateWeddings sparked inspiration where I thought ‘why not add herbs or drops of essential oil. Maybe you can even add very tiny crystals as well”. It becomes a working spell sealed into a necklace.

This just shows you can find inspiration just about anywhere.


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