What I’d like to see in the media for Wiccans…

 TV and movies don’t portray Wiccans as they are in real life. I don’t mind if they use a term like ‘witches’ since they have an entire spectrum of legend behind them, as well as culture, but when a book, TV program, or movie use the word ‘Wicca’ specifically, especially in modern scenes, then I tend to cringe.

Its not about the spells. This is the first thing they tend to bring up with Wiccans is the magick and spell work. Many Wiccans don’t often work with spells, and see many mundane things as having magical elements. This lends to the discussion of what is magick and how is it used, but media doesn’t want to get into that as much as stick with the shock value.

Its not about being naked. Plenty of Wiccans and pagans don’t go skyclad and never will, and that’s fine. I cringed on an episode of Bones where they had a group of witches dancing naked. I’ve only encountered one ritual where we went skyclad. The rest were clothed, and only two had robes.

Its not about the Wiccan bling. I remember years ago a young Wiccan asked why I wasn’t wearing a pentacle, and I explained how sometimes you prefer another piece of jewelry or none at all. I have nothing to prove to anyone, and its certainly not a rule you must show off Wiccan jewelry to tell the world your religion. Not just Wiccans wear the pentacle, anyway, since its also a magickal symbol.

Its not about the werewolves, ghosts, vampires, fairies, demons, etc. I don’t know of any of these mystical creatures, but the media would have you think we encounter magickal beings on a regular basis. Although some Wiccans might have profound experiences, they are few and far between for most.

What makes us different? Our beliefs mostly, which doesn’t constitute we even practice those beliefs. I know of so many Wiccans/pagans who admit to not doing enough practice in their life such as meditation or ritual, and that’s perfectly fine. We’re human, have human lives.

I think the beliefs help make the mundane magical. Even cleaning a house can turn into an act of purification and clearing out negativity in our lives, or waking from a dream/nightmare offers insight in our inner-workings. Cooking becomes a ritual in sharing love and health, while a bath becomes a rite of purification and healing.

Book of Shadows Assignment: Journal a day of mindfulness on what you consider mundane and now magical in your daily lives. What rituals or practices do you do now that you didn’t do before.

What are your thoughts, or peeves, on the topic? Post in comments, or post in your blog and add a link below. I’d love to hear what you think on the topic;


3 responses to “What I’d like to see in the media for Wiccans…

  1. But for many… It IS about these things. Sadly, as a long time practitioner, an on line store owner and a former brick and mortar shop owner and ritual and community leader, as well as having been well acquainted with some “famous” witches and popular authors of the genre, many people come to Wicca and Witchcraft, not only not knowing the difference, but also in the hopes that their lives will be magickally changed.. and fast… and with as little effort on their part as possible. They are affectionately called drive by Pagans and generally do not last more than an average of 5 years in their involvement.
    This, in part, because whatever they have tried before has let them down. I also know many Witches who absolutely adore the drama of it all, perhaps even more so than the actual practice, which can be quite un-entertaining from an entertainment perspective. They wear grandly large pentacles and lots of black clothing and make up and generally have a very definite opinion as to whether you are a “real witch” or not. Their tend towards flamboyancy, All of which have little to nothing to do with the actual Work of Witchcraft.
    This foolishness is why I choose to practice alone, but I have to admit that when you no longer have to worry about the “considerations” of others, you can walk your path straighter and more quickly, and more directly guided by the Gods and less by what others believe to be right or wrong.

    • @” I also know many Witches who absolutely adore the drama of it all”. Oh yes, I know exactly what you mean by some people loving the drama. They are the ones that practically reward the behavior. I also think some of the problem with newbies hinges on their want to see changes but they are not willing to ‘unlearn’ the very causes of the problems in their lives in the first place.
      Thanks for the comment. All good points.

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