Ambitious spider, curious opossum, and other tidbits


The other night my husband called me out to the patio to show this massively huge spider web this spider decided to build there. It seems an odd place, being webs are generally in forests or near trees, but this not-so-little guy decided to build the web smack in the middle of our patio.


This was over five feet tall, and I suspect the spider hoped to catch a cat or a small child. What I hadn’t figured was forgetting it was there two days later and walking straight into the sticky mess, and suddenly having ninja skills trying to get out. I wasn’t so worried about the spider itself, but the web was strong and gave me the willies. I can imagine the spider telling all its friends “You should’ve seen it! It was THIS BIG!”


Another regular visitor are opossums. I assume they enjoy the grape arbor although I’ve never found any damage up there. I also find these critters to be relatively docile. This one looks pissed because my dog, Pepper, decided to bark right in his face. Once the dog was in the house, he settled down and went on his merry way.

Found some neat links to share as well;

How to make Pagan Holy Water.

Make your own fresh herb tincture.

Slacker Paganism (very tongue in check but an amusing read)

And some neat Pinterest finds-


Source: via Sharon on Pinterest




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