A collection of spells

I’ve been collected spells from books and the Internet lately, finding tons of ideas as I read. Although not all spell really click with me, I do find some of the chants in them, or perhaps the elements used quite useful.

I decided to share some sites and give a quick review in case you’re looking for some ideas yourself;

Lapuliastudio.com’s page of spells. This site is interesting because the spells and information offered are in graphical format. You can print and add to your Book of Shadows as needed. I liked the Wisdom spell.

Witchway.net’s page of spells (and more). Extensive list with spells, recipes, ritual, and more. The page on candles offers lots of tips for candle magic.

Ladyoftheearth.com’s page of spells. Her site is a bit difficult to navigate, and some spells seem a bit hokey to me (like the one to change eye color), but I liked the 3×3 spell.

Do you have favorite spells? Post in comments


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  3. cool

  4. cool.

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