Wonderful thing about Tiggers…

We’re all familiar with the idea of animal guides or spirit guides in the form of animals, but I remember once reading somewhere the idea of cartoon characters being a totem of sorts. Of course, it’s a silly idea, but I love playfulness in all areas of life.

I think, for myself, I’d pick Tigger for all his bouncing and cheerfulness.  Tigger teaches us to be playful, as well as sharing laughter with others.

I loved how Tigger overestimates his abilities, almost to the point of boasting. He’s an endless optimist, and loyal friend, often jumping in to help whether his friends want him to or not. Its gives a certain charm, and even lesson on giving yourself credit and loving yourself as you are.

I also love how he tries things with enthusiasm and gusto, and sometimes finds out the task is tougher than he thought, but its important to try things anyway.

I think we can find lessons everywhere, even in funny things like cartoons. What do you think you’re cartoon totem would be, and why? Post in comments.


2 responses to “Wonderful thing about Tiggers…

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