Book of Shadows: Journaling tip

featherpenA Book of Shadows can often take form as a resource book but also journal or scrapbook. Today, we’ll discuss the benefits of using your BOS as a journal.

The first step is to consider what you want to keep track. Here are some ideas;

Dates, times, events, and holidays. I often make a note somewhere in my journal if the day is special in any way. I used to add if it was in ‘void-of-course’, but I realized that really didn’t affect me.

The weather. I’ve added the weather since this year seemed rife with storms. Living things often sense a storm at hand due to the change in pressure, so I will add a few notes in regards to that. For instance, my muscles tend to ache when a bad storm is around the corner. Allergies worsen before storms or through specific seasons, and the weather also may impact my mood, overall.

Health and mood. I have issues with depression and by keeping track of my moods lets me tie in things like diet, moon cycle, menstrual cycle, if events of the day affect it, if I’m coming down with something, or if something is seriously bothering me. I do not, however, dwell upon it. I simply take note, and move on.

Writing with a good attitude. Its also important to note that you need the proper attitude when writing in a journal, specifically a Book of Shadows. We are taught our thoughts and intentions manifest, so if you’re ranting and complaining about your life, what do you suppose that manifests?

You need to focus on ‘forward-thinking’. This means you must make plans, and not dwell on the past. You write with a positive attitude, not complaining or wallowing in that negative energy of regret or self-doubt. Be positive!

Consider journaling as a magical practice. In your Book of Shadows, consider writing with your own rules such as ‘I will never complain’. This seriously helped my depression as the practice lent to changing my attitude. Write with solutions in mind; what will you do to tackle the problem? Why does the problem bother you? Are you making more out of the issue? Should you let it go? Remember what you wish to manifest into your life.

Journaling through the rest of the BOS. You can easily add journal blocks, add notes, insert more information on any page through paper clips, envelopes, index cards, post it notes, or simply paste in a scrap sheet to write on.

Use pictures as much as words. “A pictures is worth a thousand words”… as the saying goes. Add your own artwork, or paste in photos, pictures, and other graphics to illustrate your words. Art is an expression of the soul and just as valid as the written word to express our thoughts and feelings. Whether you journal in the Book of Shadows, or prefer to journal separately in another book (or type on a computer), journaling provides a valuable tool to the Self. What are your thoughts? Do you journal regularly? Do you journal in the Book of Shadows or a separate book? (I journal separate). Post in comments.


7 responses to “Book of Shadows: Journaling tip

  1. I have been keeping a journal since I was a child, but it’s been on and off. I hope to start keeping a journal/BoS now and I pray that I’ll stick to it this time 😛

  2. I try to jot something down every night if only to put highlights of my day. Oddly I use my Facebook page to add the funny conversations my son and I get into through the day too. lol

  3. Awesome post, Cassandra! I think doodling and adding in artwork to a journal is a big way to keep it going. Even if you don’t feel like writing, you can open it up and draw random lines.

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  5. Cathlene Kilpatrick

    I am sharing this to my Facebook page Ricky Mountain Witch on Facebook. I think this serves as a lovely reminder for things to include and possibly will even upen people up to the idea of journaling. Thank you for writing this lovely blog.

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