Cakes and Ale

Cakes and ale is one of the part of ritual that serves multiple purposes.

Sharing of food and drink. Participation of communal food and drink helps build a dynamic or bond between members in ritual. It builds a sense of community.

Grounds the energy raised. Sometimes after raising energy or working magick, you might find yourself a bit ‘spacey’. Eating and drinking helps ‘ground’ your energies, to bring you made to the mundane world.

What kind of cake and drink to serve? This depends entirely on you and/or your group. I’ve been to some rituals where they served traditional recipes while others bought from a bakery. I’ve had cornbread, cookies, biscuits, cake, scones, and even fruit. For drink, I’ve had various mead, cyser,(fermented drink) wine, juice, and sparkling juice (which we use due to one member unable to drink alcohol).

You can try new things, or switch things around depending on the moon ritual you work. For instance, full moon in the spring you can serve fresh fruit with dip, while winter full moon you might want to serve cookies and cake.

Once you perform the thanks and blessing over the cakes and ale and everyone partakes (or just you if you are solitary), be sure to keep some for libation later.

In my group, we sometimes pass the chalice and plate of food more than once, often giving blessings to the person next to you. “I give you the blessing of strength” for example.

Cakes and Ale ceremony – simple and basic

Full moon ritual– a sample ritual with cakes and ale ceremony

Moon Cookies– a very rich buttery cookie much like a sugar cookie.

Crescent Cakes– a nut-based cookie.

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