Invoking the elements


I decided I’d share some ideas and methods in invoking the elements/direction in ritual;

The traditional method includes the spoken prayer and lighting a candle. Facing the direction, you might say “We call upon you, spirits of the North, spirits of Earth, We call upon your power and presence, to touch us with your gift of growth (or other trait you wish to invite into the ritual). Hail and welcome” And you light a candle.

gaiaThe Creative method incorporates song, rhythm, or even dance. A song or chant works very effectively, as does a dance specific for that element such as using the feet to stamp, arms for water, head for air, pelvis for fire (or however you feel works best). You can play instruments as well such as a drum for earth or flute for air.

wiccan01The playful method touches upon the child-within. You could use bubbles for invoking air, sparklers for fire, water guns for water, and mud pies for earth. Its important to use your imagination, to let the child within free to express itself.

The Simple Method sticks to the very basics. The coven I was a member of sometimes use this method where you clasp hands, and lift the right hand (with the hand of the person next to you) and set it over your head saying “Hand over hand, heart over heart, the circle is cast”.

You can also setup each direction with its own personal alter, or keep it simple by using only candles or symbol to represent the direction/element. I’ve used both styles.

Try new methods to see what works best. Post below your own tips and methods.


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