Magickal Pinterest Boards

I admit it; I’m a Pinterest addict. Its fun and interesting to peruse the ‘boards’ of pinned topics such as crafts, recipes, and funny things. On this site, I’ve also discovered some very cool ‘pins’ concerning magick and pagan topics as well.

A Woman’s Healing Herbs- includes a number of herbs for women issues during that time of the month.


I like this Wheel of the Year chart because it includes not just the cardinal points, but mentions astrological information as well as bits of information on that time of the year. Very good to print and add to a Book of Shadows.

The Samhain Veil is another potential Book of Shadows page that can be added that explains how the pagan new year recognizes when the Veil between the mortal and ‘other’ realm is thinnest. I might design my own in a better font (readable for old lady eyes like mine), but thought someone might appreciate the artwork on this page.


And lastly, a useful tip on the topic of ‘earthing’ and how we ground the energy we carry inside us, to touch Mother Earth, and connect with her.



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