Tea of many colors- Green, White…even red?

IMG_0059 (203x225)A few months ago, I was given a tin full of ‘red tea’, more specifically Rooibus Tea, flavored with ginger and peach. I love green tea, and white tea, but what I really love with the ‘red’ tea is how its decaffeinated, but also packed with all the good stuff the other teas also have.

The taste, I found, very light and tasty, sweetened with a bit of Truvia.

Tea offers a bit of caffeinated zing in the morning, a light pick-me-up at other times, warms us, and goes great with cookies and tea cakes. What some folks might not appreciate is the health benefits tea provides;

  • Most teas offer antioxidants, anti-aging properties.
  • Many teas also offer Flavanols, which help protect DNA, and fights cancer.
  • Some types of teas offer natural metabolism boosters (green tea especially).
  • Green tea also has flouride, which is great for the teeth.
  • Oolong tea helps to lower cholesterol levels.
  • Chamomile can help for easing stress, sleep, but also helps with blood sugar levels.
  • Hibiscus tea helps lower blood pressure.
  • Red tea is used in its native Africa to help fend against allergies.

Some more things about tea:

Divination– Tea Leaf Reading. This is a learned art, and generally used with the loose leaf tea that leaves remnants in the bottom of a tea cup. A reader tries to see shapes and meaning in the patterns once the tea is drunk.

Ceremonial tea– the drinking of tea as a method of ceremony offers a means for meditation (such as the Japanese tea ceremony) or for social connectedness (such as afternoon tea)

Japanese Tea ceremony

History of High Tea, and watch the video on

Etiquette for afternoon tea

Post comments about your favorite tea, any brews or potions you like for healing or other purposes, or just comment your own thoughts on the topic of tea

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2 responses to “Tea of many colors- Green, White…even red?

  1. First off, I recently came across your blog and I love it. It’s insightful and offers food for thought.

    Secondly, tea is a favorite of mine. It’s a part of my evening yoga ritual to calm and center my mind. I’m also a firm believer that tea is an excellent way to utilize herbal properties of medicinal use and often brew up a cup based on my particular needs.

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