True Self vs Ideal Self

moongifI remember an activity a study group I organized years ago used to do by clearing one’s mind, and visualizing seeing a mirror and looking at our reflection. Oddly, many members didn’t not see themselves as they are, but various forms. One saw a female when he was male, another saw a warrior, while another saw an elderly woman while she was barely in her twenties.

What happened? They saw their Higher Selves, visions of the goddess within, or even the Ideal Self. These could be forms they hopes to be, what they found their True Self realized, or even vision of what they perceived as the goddess.

adventure00My vision was a fighter type woman, who appeared in a dream I had only nights before. It was very realistic. I could feel the sun on my face, the wind in my long hair, and we battled these creatures that scaled the walls with these weird gloves that had claws on them. The woman (or was it me?) rappelled on a rope, taking advantage of swinging and bounding along to attack from above.  It was amazing because I remember feeling the rope burns, the weight as I pushed off the wall to swing to another creature.

When I woke up, I certainly wanted to feel that careless bravery for myself, but reality doesn’t offer creatures that scale walls. I have to accept my limitations of reality. Bummer.

I often wonder if this warrior women is really my true self or just what I want to really be..?

crowsAnother exercise another member brought included a visualization of seeing yourself in animal form, but the trick was seeing yourself as the ideal creature then seeing yourself as what you wanted to be. I see myself as a Crow (likes shiny things, playful, and loves to vocalize) wanting to be Wolf. I suppose I’d love that strength.

So what are your thoughts- What form does your Ideal form take compared to the shape you feel your True self takes? Post in comments.


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