So, you want to be a priestess?

wiccan01Through the years, I’ve encountered new Wiccans professing an interest in becoming a priestess. They’re generally young, only just beginning on their spiritual path, and full of enthusiasm and vigor.

People ask me if I am one, and I firmly tell them no. I never took any oath or even wanted to serve the gods. I don’t particularly enjoy being in any leadership role, and get frustrated when members of my group want me to mentor them when they can just easily learn on their own.

I expect others to take responsibility for their own spiritual path, and not expect to be spoon-fed learning. But that’s me. I’m not altogether patient or interested in the ego-inducing role of priestess.

So I challenge those who want to be priestess with these questions;

What is your goal to be priestess? What do you see yourself doing as a priestess? Does this include your own coven, or just take on study groups? Do you seek respect, perhaps power?

What do you think it means to be priestess? What role does the priestess play? What things must a priestess know to be a priestess?

Generally you need;

Education. Any priestess not only studies to achieve this role, but continues to do so. It never ends, and she’s open to learning new things.

Dedication. A priestess often makes an oath to Goddess, or to a pantheon of gods, to work in service to them as well as the community. A certain level of selflessness is required.

Humility. Ego is the worst thing a priestess can have since this can often corrupt a leader. A priestess puts on her pants like everyone else, and must acknowledge her own limitations.

Understanding. If you intend on teaching others, you should know many topics thoroughly. You should be able to explain this to others and be able to answer questions.

Patience. Students can show many emotion and even trouble to a group, and you will need to cope with them, to guide them in the right direction.

You generally learn through a coven, to work through the ranks and ‘hive off’ to form your own coven with the blessings of the coven elders.

Education can include a number of lessons from learning ritual, spells, invocation, divination methods, herbalism and other healing methods, how to make your own magical tools, etc. I once knew a coven that expected you to learn elvish (from Tolkien).

What are your thoughts on this topic? What qualities and topics do you feel you need to be a priestess? Post in comments.


2 responses to “So, you want to be a priestess?

  1. Hello,
    I just tumble upon your page and I thank you for posting this matter specifically. My name is Jennifer, I’m from Puerto Rico and I have been a solitary Wiccan for 8 years. Since I entered the path, ‘ve had elders, teachers, friends and so forth that always told me:”you are going to be a great priestess one day” The reality is that I feel like embarking in the priestess path, but I’m not really interested. In fact, I’m kind of avoiding it. The reasons? Same as yours. I am not patient at all and I do not have the majority of the knowledge needed to put myself in this role. Furthermore, I hate leadership, it’s way too much pressure on your shoulder and besides, I’m way to bossy with my own self and my boyfriend; I can’t imagine being bossy to other people.

    Yet, something inside me is always calling me to at least learn about being a priestess and from there decide. Is this ok? Like our path teaches us and says:”do it yourself. Step forward and you’ll find out the answer”

    Once again, thank you for posting this and blessed be!

    • Glad to see I’m not alone on this topic. 😉
      I would let the power get to me, abuse the power…I’ve joked about becoming ‘overlord’ or having minions. lol

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