Wednesday Witch: The Wicca Life


The Wicca Life is a lovely blog with tons of posts added regularly. You can find such topics as divination, dreams, sabbats, and so much more.

Some posts include-

Solitary Samhain Ritual

Invocation to the Triple Goddess and God

Pet Protection Blessing Spell

About the author;

Merry Meet! My name is Lady Caer Morganna and I am from the Reading-Berks county area. I am a Solitary Eclectic Wiccan Priestess who leans toward the Celtic Wiccan tradition. My magickal name is Lady Caer Morganna. Caer is pronounced "ky-air". Caer was believed to be a Celtic swan goddess whose consort was Angeus MacOg, the Celtic god of young love. Morganna, the root word "mor" meaning sea, was said to be a sea goddess before she became known as Merlins’ protege in Arthurian legend. I am an ordained nondenominational Minister for the Universal Life Church, a certified Reiki Level II practitioner and I have been a Pennsylvania Notary Public since 1990. As well as reading the tarot, I am a student of mythology, astrology and ancient religions. I have performed legal handfasting ceremonies and I also teach Wicca to those who are interested in learning the "craft of the wise." I have been practicing Wicca for 18 years. I share my life with my husband of 11 years, our cats Midnight, Kiki, Haley and Tabitha along with a dwarf bunny named Sam.

Feel free to post links or ideas on other blogs you happen upon that are worth to be shared.

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