Halloween/Samhain plans

DSC00028This year I’ve decided against a formal ritual and opt for a social gathering instead. In Maryland, specifically our town, we have trick or treaters around the time we’d have ritual anyway, so I felt we’d simply enjoy the night as a party with a mix of friends and family as well.

Hurricane Sandy also might impact the holiday, potentially ruining the door to door begging for candy as well. I want a party, regardless, even if the power goes out. We’ll manage with candles to share stories, play games, and just enjoy the special day.

Some common activities;

ouijaDivination– Due to the Veil between the world of mortals and that of spirits, using Tarot, Runes, Ouija, and other form of fortune-telling are traditionally practiced.

Gathering rain (if raining)- We’re expecting rain due to Hurricane Sandy, so this should offer interesting properties for ritual water.

The Dumb Supper– Traditionally, this is a meal set out for those who passed on before us. You eat in complete silence, honoring their presence to the meal.

Celebrate the coming year. Consider lighting a candle and sharing stories of the deceased, and talk of things passing from the old year to the new year. (October 31st is the Celtic New Year).


What are your favorite Samhain traditions? Post in comments.


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