Pinterest pagan ideas

I admit it; I’m a total Pinterest addict.  You can tell you’re an addict if you intent to look as ‘just a few pins’ and hours later, you’re still clicking through.

However, I find tons of very cool ideas and I wanted to share;


Not only is this a brilliant idea to post a memory on the wall, you could potentially add a small altar inside with stones, feathers, and shells to add a level of sacredness to it.


I thought this was a lovely idea to add an Apache ‘burden basket’ (box, cauldron, etc) which was used to gather berries, twigs, and other things. I like the idea of using it for the purpose of adding your burdens to it, to be burned later, or shared with friends, or both.


I love this idea to make enchanted waters. I’m not sure if I’d use colored pencil but charcoal instead or even chalk. I suppose, however, the color might add to the ‘charm’ of it.

Do you have share-worthy links on your Pinterest boards? Leave in comments below


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