Interfaith Coalition

Last night, I joined two other Wiccans at an Interfaith Coalition event. We were asked to speak about our spirituality and to answer questions afterwards with the general members and public who joined in the audience. The Interfaith Coalition comprises of many folks interested in learning about many faiths.

The first speaker was this wonderful lady, Linda from the Green Mountain Chantry in Frederick MD. She went first, covering many of the basics of Wiccan and pagan need-to-know type information.

The next speaker was my friend Mike, who follows the Reclaiming Tradition. He shared his own experiences, and even brought literature to share.

Lastly, I spoke on the eclectic traditions, and  my meetup group, and how so many pagan groups are comprised of solitaries, and how find our way in the world.

Questions consisted of our definitions of deity, as well as what is meant by magick, and some of the practices. We covered spells, some rituals, and history of Wicca/paganism.

Overall, I think it went very well. The people seem curious and genuinely interested. I met a local organizer of a freethinkers group who invited me to join in his group. Winking smile I might join his meetup group. I wasn’t able to attend the meeting tonight, however. I was just too exhausted.

I met some new members who joined my meetup group who showed up to show support, ended up ‘friending’ on Facebook the priestess of the Frederick coven (she’s a very cool person), and enjoyed the evening so much.

I think its important to reach out into the community and let them know we exist, to share our beliefs, without imposing, and be open to other’s faiths as well.

Have you ever took a stand in the public spotlight? Spoken to a group? Taught the public? Post in comments.


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