Critters dear to my heart

I’m still on the fence with the thoughts of animal spirit guides, whether I feel they are real or not, or just symbols to harken to my inner-child. Nevertheless, there are critters that hold meaning for me;

Turtles– While being rather comical looking, turtles remind me of my childhood where my sisters and I played ‘turtles’ after a sister made a face and her mouth shaped a turtle ‘beak’. Since then, I’ve been keen on what they can teach, such as taking things slow and being persistent in your endeavors.

Yellow jackets wasps I’ve had a number of dreams with Yellow Jacket Wasps in them, from being stung several times where the last dream had me standing amid a cloud of them, thinking them so beautiful.  Most dream dictionaries say a wasp dream means someone is gossiping behind your back. I never got that impression. In fact, I felt they meant something akin to change. According to the page on this site, it also means Female Warrior Energy and Sisterhood. This makes sense because all wasps are female except for drones.

Crows (or Ravens?) often show up in dreams. Not just any dreams, but often ones that carry a special meaning or something that impacts my life. One such dream, I saw a flock around an old woman who sat on a stump of this massive tree stump in a field. She told me “No one walks the path but you, so you must choose your path yourself”.

Bats. I really got hooked on fruit bats when a friend gave me this happy little ‘corner hugger’ fruit bat for my computer monitor. It was so adorable. I looked up fruit bats and they are amazing critters- very communal, and largest of all bats.  they eat fruit, of course, but any bat has some amazing qualities. The common brown bat eats tons of insects each night, often the varieties that harm crops. They also help pollinate crops.

Perhaps not the most common of animal guides, but I find these plenty helpful in my own imagination and vision work. I think the most valuable lesson is to understand that all animals have something to teach us, and should be valued for themselves and not just symbols.

Post in comments your own favorite critters and what they mean to you. I’d love to hear your stories.

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