Croning….is not for sissies.

The last time I spoke with my doctor, she told me I was very likely going through ‘the change’….you know, menopause.  I’m 45 years old, so I suppose that makes sense.

Menopause means ‘end of menstruation’. I’m reaching the end of child-bearing years. I had that permanently fixed anyway, (I had the Essure procedure) and doesn’t bother me.   It’s the hot flashes, and all the other hormonal issues that come along for the fun ride of menopause.

In the pagan traditions, menopause is seen as a rite of passage to be celebrated, as the time a woman reaches the age where she is ‘grandmother’ or the ‘wisewoman’. I’m not sure if I fit either of these fit for me. My son is only 12, so no grandkids yet, and wise? Um… I don’t feel wise.

I like the idea of celebrating, pretty much anything. Its one of the things that I loved about the pagan spirituality; that so many things are worth celebrating and not negative.

So I found some pages on the topic and thought I’d share. After all, let’s make the best of ‘the change’.

This page, at shares some ideas on how to celebrating the croning process.

LadyOfTheHearth offers a page for croning.

Tangledmoon’s page on a croning ritual

HecateCaudron’s page that includes a solitary Croning ritual.

What are your thoughts on the topic of croning? Have you had a croning ritual? Want one? Ever joined in one? Share in comments.


2 responses to “Croning….is not for sissies.

  1. I’m approaching, not quite there… But I adore the title of your post. The women in my family often said the same, and I recently bought them each a “Crone’s Mug” that they appreciate. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comment. I think society as a whole should recognize that menopause is not fun, and not easy for women to go through. I love the idea of the ‘crone mug’. There’s also the Red Hat Society that embraces aging women (I think its 50 years). I say good for them (I have another 5 years)

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