Whatcha doin for Yule fun?


One of the best things about the month of December is celebrating an entire season. It’s not just a single-day holiday, but weeks you get to celebrate and do fun things.

My family celebrates both Yule and Christmas. We do the usual stuff like bake cookies and decorate the tree, but my group will also plan and celebrate the Yule ritual as well.

Here are a few ideas I’ll be sharing;

  • Make offerings through the winter months for our feathered/furry friends.  You can put fruit, seeds, peanut butter, cereal, etc on string or wire and hang on the trees outside.
  • Consider all-night vigils, and plan for songs, story-telling, games, etc. Light candles and share the light/warmth with one another.
  • Watch the sun rise at dawn on Yule

These are just some ideas. Post your ideas in comments.

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