Visions, dreams, and symbols


Crystal ball gazing, also known as scrying, is a learned skill. You don’t need a crystal ball, either. You can use a candle, a bowl of water, smoke, any shiny objects, or a mirror. The idea is that you give yourself a blank slate to peer into in order to ‘see visions’. Theses are not seen with the eyes, but with the spirit.

Do you need to be psychic to scry? No. Scrying is a simple practice stemming from sensory deprivation. Those with a gift glean more such as insight or foretelling, or vision of worth. Without a trained mind, you can often find the vision won’t make any sense, or they represent a number of manifestations such as fear or other negative aspects of your psyche. Its thoughts bubbling up from the sub-conscious.

How to scry? You’ll need time, patience, and practice.

Take 5-10 minutes to sit in silence, empty your mind, and stare at the focus (ball, crystal, bowl, mirror, etc), and let your thoughts go. If your brain starts to think, stop it. Empty the mind. Let thoughts float away like clouds, leaving your mind blank. Eventually, you’ll ‘see’ things in your focus.

When I tried this, I saw a woman’s face turn and look at me. I also glimpsed a spring meadow. I saw smoke, and shapes, but then decided I wasn’t patience enough to continue. I rarely get the quiet ‘alone-time’ for this either.

Don’t forget to jot down notes, sketch what you see, or even write about emotions and anything else you feel is pertinent.

Below are some links that might help explore scrying;

A Short Course in Scrying by

Smoke Scrying (youtube video) by gaswarner

Scrying and Divination Techniques by wingsforthespirit.

Fire Scrying, Mirrors, Bowls, and Pendulums by

And if you want to make your own scrying mirror, check out this link by with an easy to follow tutorial.



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