The so-called war on Christmas


I keep encountering online mention of the ‘war on Christmas’. Frankly, I find the whole thing annoying, being the fact there is no attack on a single holiday, let alone Christmas.

Nativity Scenes on public property. One such ‘attack’ is groups demanding nativity scenes be removed from public property. They are not asking churches or private property owners to remove their nativity scenes, but that government (city/county) not have them. Its based on the separation of church and state.

Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas– Christmas in on December 25th. Yule (winter solstice) is on December 21. Hanukkah is eight days (December 8-16 in 2012), and let’s not forget this is a holiday season. It includes all of them, as well as the family traditions we follow where even Atheists join in the fun and merriment. So when someone wishes you a Happy Holiday, don’t get your panties in a bind- be glad someone is wishing you well, not attacking your Christmas.

Xmas vs. Christmas- The letter X (chi) the Greek mean Christos, or Christ. So using Xmas still means Christmas. Frankly, when I use Xmas its because I’m lazy, but I don’t mean to be disrespectful.

Christmas vs. Holiday trees– Considering the Bible mentioned you’re not to decorate trees, I would say the Christmas tree isn’t Christmas at all, but pagan in origin.

My family celebrates Christmas and Yule. I also recognize that December 25th was not the actual date of Christ’s birth, but am fine with people choosing the day to celebrate. But it seems to me, its ridiculous to complain about this so-called war on Christmas, to get so angry on the subject, when Christ himself would likely say to be generous, kind, and loving to all during this time.

So Brightest Blessings through this season to everyone.



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