Ritual debate- alcohol or not?

designall.dllI’ve attended a number of rituals that offered mead or wine in the ‘cakes and ale’ ritual, but also joined in groups that stuck with a ‘no alcohol’ rule. So how do you choose?

For my own group, I consider the members. We have one member who doesn’t drink. Although he insists we don’t have to accommodate him, I feel its important that we do because a group is comprised of each individual, and they should be valued. When he doesn’t join the group, we tend to have Mead or wine. Otherwise, I buy sparkling grape or apple juice.

Consider the reasons why we have cakes and ale. The cakes and ale ceremony is often used to 1) ground-and-center everyone after performing magick or doing vision quests. The consuming of food and drink is also communal, offering a moment to share and be grateful for one another, and what the god/dess bestowed upon us. Another reason, stems from offering back something to the gods. A cup of drink and some morsel of food or left outside for the gods in thanks for their presence.   Ask yourself the reasons you practice this, and consider the symbolism of consuming alcohol (or not).

Whatever your choice, make it special, and enjoy the ritual.

A guide to mead

Homemade mead recipe and tutorial

Make your own sparkling juice.

Cakes and Ale ritual– explains the history, meaning, and how to conduct the ritual

Cakes and ale– includes recipes for sabbat cakes

Post in comments your own traditions, recipes, and ideas for the cakes and ale ceremony.


2 responses to “Ritual debate- alcohol or not?

  1. The only reason I ever have “cakes and ale” (quotations because I tend to use whatever is on hand which usually turns out to be some kind of candy, actually) is because I usually feel a bit shaky after rituals and eating helps fix that. Grounding, I suppose.

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