Magickal Winter


Maryland isn’t known for having a white Christmas, but we were graced with the white stuff, and the ice that comes with it.

So I felt my readers might enjoy some spells, rituals, and activities that deal with snow;

Ice spells– Normally, I would need a freezer to make anything icy. Lately we’ve had below freezing, so consider making ice sun catcher, or ice luminaries, or charge your altar candles in the snow. Simply set the candles on the snow and let the energies draw up into them.

You can also light a small candle in the snow, make your wish and infuse with your intention. Let it burn out in the snow. (Don’t leave it unattended, however. So dress warmly, and/or get a small candle).

Check out this page. I particularly like the idea of a snowman as a poppet.

For that matter, consider other mundane things as potential magical items:

Hand warmers– they are easy to make, and used to keep the hands warm in the cold, winter months. Add herbs or oils to add magical properties.

Baths– Taking warm/hot baths are wonderful this time of year. It helps increase the body temperature to help fend off illness, but also makes you warm and cozy. Add salts, herb tea bags, or bath oils to the bath to make them magickal.

Use your imagination and enjoy the cold weather.


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