Ritual Etiquette: The cell phone

I love my Iphone 4S. For me, its not just a phone,  but a valuable tool for business, my favorite music player (it connects with my car’s stereo), my camera (photos as well as videos), games, writing, and connecting with friends through Facebook, email, and texting.

I do not use my phone during ritual, however. Here are some tips in regards to proper ritual etiquette;

Turn off the ringer when you arrive. Even if the ritual hasn’t started, the bells, beeps, and whistles of a phone can be construed as rude. Turn it off, even if the vibration. People can hear the buzzing.

Use sparingly. You can use the phone if looking up information for someone, playing music,  or checking to see why someone is late. Do not, however, spend too much doing this; its rude.

Don’t take photos or video unless you ask first. Sometimes its nice to have photos to share the memories of a ritual. I like to post photos of our workshops or rituals on our meetup site. If you take photos of anyone else, you must have their permission. Not everyone is comfortable with a camera in ritual, so check first before flashing photos.

Do not turn on or look at the phone during the ritual itself. Your focus is supposed to be in the inner workings of your soul, and being aware of the energies around you.

Although I’m not so hardcore I ask people to put their phone in a bowl/box and not allow them back until they leave, I appreciate members who take the time to shut their phones off before ritual.

What’s your thoughts on phone use in circles? Post in comments.



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