Mix and match scrapbook, smash book, and art journal tips

BOSI’m really enjoying scrapbooking in general, so I can add something more than just photos to an album. I can add tags, index cards, or print out things to add artful pages as well as journaling in my photo albums.

So why not explore the same methods with your BOS (Book of Shadows)?

You can use altered composition books, blank journals, or 3 ring binders to assemble your BOS. As I have a ‘smash book’ for my goals, I’m finding I don’t like the fixed, never-can-move pages. I’m switching to a 3 ring binder or even a scrapbook binder.

Pages can be paper or cardstock. The benefits of cardstock is the page is durable and holds up to things pasted on it. Cardstock is less likely to buckle if you use glues like Elmer’s.

You can use stickers, stamps, and pictures printed from the Internet. I cut out words from magazines, print off the web, or add words with letter stamps.

You can add journal blocks such as index cards, scraps of paper, or even post-it notes. These are great for adding prayers, quotes, ideas, notes, and chants.

You can add envelopes. I add envelopes to add cards with recipes, prayers, and even small spells.

You can add pouches in your album. Pouches can hold candles (tea light or small stick candles), incense, matches, small wands, pentacle tiles, and other portable items. This is great for those who join in rituals with others, and you can bring your own items along.

Use gel pens, colored pencils, markers, and other mediums to sketch borders, doodles, and other graphics to personalize your book.

Use various fonts and styles of writing. If you print out pages for the 3 ring binder version, you can also paste pages you’ve printed out into a blank book or the composition book. Use a gluestick or double sided tape to add. The liquid glues tend to warp paper.

Use folded paper just as booklets, flaps, folders, accordion folds, and more. this technique was inspired from ‘lapbooking’ with my son a few years ago. You can add so much information on a single with this method. An accordion fold, for instance, can include invocation to the Quarters, or list your favorite altar tools.

Here’s a video on scrapbooking a book of shadows;


What other ideas do you like? Post in comments


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