A step off the path

Copy of IMG_0840Once you realize you’re pagan, you tend to feel connected to all things; this will flag now and then. Some may find a sense of being lost or disconnected with the God/dess.

Like any direction we take, taking a step off a pre-determined path, often leads us to find some unexpected wonders we wouldn’t explored otherwise.

Here are a few tips to help you along the way;

Take some time off of being pagan. Sometimes stepping away from your tradition/faith enables us to get to know ourselves in another light. Wicca and the pagan paths will wait for you. There are no punishments for stepping back now and then, and in the meantime you can try new things.

Explore other faiths. Sometimes another spiritual path offers insight in meaning for an aspect you didn’t understand before. Buddhism, for instance, help me put many beliefs into perspective. Even re-learning an old faith provides insight and clarity for you.

Explore the depths of your soul. Ask yourself ‘why’ in regards to feeling disjointed. Learn to meditate, take long walks, sit in stillness, or explore methods of divination to find out how you tick. Do you feel a general disconnect, perhaps you feel depressed, or maybe you feel a bit disillusioned with the path you’re on? Explore the causes of your feelings. This can help find a way back.

Learn to play. Sometimes, religion becomes too orthodox and we lose that sense of free-form spirituality. Incorporate more ‘fun’ in ritual and daily activities to express your religion. this could take the form of dance, crafts, games, silliness, and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking.

I think its natural that you find yourself feeling a bit lost or disconnected. Its like the honeymoon phase of a relationship doesn’t last, but instead, offers you a new stage of Life to explore.

What are your tips for those feeling a bit off their spiritual path? Post in comments.


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