Cell phones in ritual

 Electronic gadgets are presently a thing so common as watches and jewelry. So when we have ritual, I feel at odds with asking anyone to give up their phones out of respect for the group. Here are my thoughts for circle etiquette;

Phones need to be off. This doesn’t mean to turn them off completely, but they must be silent, not even buzzing during ritual. This is out of respect for those who speak, invoke/evoke, or silent meditation. Once ritual begins, be polite and make sure the phone won’t make a sound while in circle.

Do not check text/messages/calls at awkward moments. My group happens to be pretty laid back and easy-going, so I don’t mind if we’re chatting if someone ones to share a photo, look up information to give me, or even turn on music they want added to the ritual. But its just polite to ask first, and to judge each situation for the group and mood.

Do not take photos, video, or recordings without permission from leaders. Many people appreciate their privacy.

As a group organizer (leader), I don’t expect members to put them away. I’m a parent, and would never think of giving my phone to someone when my son might call in case of emergency. It’s a tool, like anything else. It’s the attitude of the owner that will make the difference of whether its obnoxious or a useful tool in the magical temple.

What your thoughts? Cell phone or not? Post in comments.



One response to “Cell phones in ritual

  1. Yes~ I agree completely~ anything that distracts from a sacred atmosphere needs to be released~ it is up to the Woman (Priestess) leading ritual what constitutes a Sacred Space~ yet anyone entering into Sacred Space should have discernment enough to know that modern “gadgets” distract from a timeless and Sacred atmosphere~!

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