Pagans = environmentalists

Copy of IMG_0735Most pagans honor Nature in some form or another, so I think its crucial to our spirituality to also take action as a form of that honor.

Here are some suggestions/ideas: is an online platform for petitions. Add your voice to many issues that arise, often alerts via email, or you can sign up via the site. is a wonderful site that enables visitors to look up laws that are in the law-making process, and to find out who votes on what. This empowers you to write to your representative (you can email via the site) to make your voice heard. offers fact-checking on many issues. is a huge online community that covers many activities for someone interested in the environment, social issues, and more. They have a click-to-donate page, message boards, and tons more. and both offer online free games for people to earn rice/flour to help feed the hungry. (I use these in my homeschooling for my son) offers more than just feed the hungry. Includes veterans, literacy, environment, and more. offers a search site powered by Yahoo to help fund charities whenever you do a search online. is an interesting project to help study the bee population. You get free sunflower seeds and then you keep track of the number of bees that visit your garden.

Also try;

Switch to a vegetarian or vegan meals to eat lower on the food chain. More importantly, learn how your diet impacts the environment. offers some tips and recipes.

Read up on the issues and learn about activist activities. offers some neat articles.

Recycle. We’re fortunate in our area to have curb side recycling, and the guy who led this told me it seriously impacted the landfill to add another 20+ years to it. You can recycle by giving to the recycling center, giving old stuff to shelters such as women’s shelters, animal shelters, or even churches (who help folks who lost everything).

Volunteer. Check with local churches or shelters to help out. Work in a soup kitchen, clean out kennels in a dog shelters, or help build houses for Habitat for Humanity.

10 best environmental sites and blogs

Do you already do anything to give back the world? Post in comments, or share ideas, links, etc. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


2 responses to “Pagans = environmentalists

  1. THANK YOU so much for mentioning how eating meat impacts the environment! It usually gets skipped 🙂

    I understand (I don’t agree, but I understand) how some people can rationalize eating meat on a spiritual/traditional/social level but there’s no refuting the environmental impact of animal agriculture.

    • I think people assume vegan/vegetarians are just folks who love animals so much but don’t realize there are health reasons as much as the impact on the environment. Cattle severely impacts areas, not to mention the farmers who maintain herds and kill off anything that threatens their herds- this includes wolves, cougar, even bison (because of diseases). Maybe I will do a post on how eating meat impacts the environment.

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