Living with Chaos


From Chaos springs the unexpected such as laughter, humor, and even fun. Such god/desses include Bacchus, Greek god of wine (and debauchery), Baubo, the Greek goddess appears to Demeter after Persephone’s kidnapping and makes her laugh again. Chaos gods include Set (Egyptian) and Eris, Greek goddess of Chaos and Strife. I think these led to the belief that Chaos=discord. I’m convinced that somewhere along the line, I’ve received the attention of Chaos in my life.  If anything, it leaves certain uncertainty or rather a certainty that if I do things, inevitably things will go wrong.

So here are a few tips I find helps me cope when things go awry, or just won’t work out to what I want;

Let go of expectations. This is tough, but as Charlotte Bronte once said “Life is so constructed, that the event does not, cannot, and will not, match the expectation”. This leads to disappointment. It helps to live more in the moment, and be flexible to any expectations you may hold.

I don’t bother with putting too much intention of my plans. They are simply ‘guidelines’ to my life. Things tend to go off course and I need to let go of expectations of the end product, but focus on the journey.

Intro to Buddhism. This covers some of the philosophy of ‘expectation is what leads to suffering’.

Be flexible and able to shift. As our expectations are often changed when things go wrong, recognize that often time the change doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. Sometimes, the unexpected events offer more opportunity for growth and learning, and being adaptable enables you to take advantage of every situation- not just the ones you planned.

I’m profoundly aware that my plans of homeschooling my son should be able to shift as the need arises. For instance, if I plan lessons in chemistry, and he wants to know more about astronomy, its best to shift to teaching astronomy because his brain will absorb and remember more on that topic.

Meditation and practice mindfulness. Chaos can produce stress. Meditation offers to release and calm that stress in a healthy way. By clearing your  mind, letting go of worries and negative emotion, you give your body and mind a vacation from worry.

Harness creativity. From Chaos springs forth creativity. Its those moments of rule breaking where I find the best inspiration for writing, art/project ideas, or touch upon that part of the brain that doesn’t like control and order.

Developing Creativity: Embrace Chaos

Sumopaint– an online free service that lets you paint, draw, and create

Jamstudio– an online free service that lets you mix beats and play with sound and rhythm.

Play! I highly recommend play. Don’t worry if others thing you’re immature or its silly. Embrace the silly! The act of play, of provoking fun and laughter, is one of the healthy habits we need to incorporate in our lives.

Play produces natural endorphins and dopamine in the brain. Play also improve innovation, creativity, ideas, and improves thought and brain activity. Even Einstein said “Play is the highest form of research”, meaning the importance of seeing what happens, exploring, trying new things can lead to fun and education.

Science at Play- Tedtalks

National Institute of Play

What do I do to play? That’s easy- I love video games. I play Elderscrolls: Skyrim, Sims 3, Dishonored, and Halo. I also goof around with my son, often injecting play in every day life such as bubble fights while washing dishes, or zapping my family with socks along the rug.  Once I got into a pool noodle fight with my son in a local store, much to the chagrin of my husband.

But its that chaos of play that makes it so damn fun.

What do you do to deal with chaos? Do you play? Use crafts/art as an outlet? Post in comments.


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