Ponderings on Tarot

I own only one Tarot deck. I know of other pagans that own several, who enthusiastically use them on a regular basis. So in a strange way, I feel rather inept as a Tarot reader compared to them. I might use them once a month, if that.

I find, lately, the idea of tarot cards and their uses intriguing, so felt it prudent to share on the blog. Here are some of my thoughts. 

< p>You don’t need to be perfect about Tarot readings. What’s important is understanding yourself (or who ever you’re reading the cards for). Symbols won’t form into any significant meaning unless you understand how to put them into context by understanding the person you’re reading for.

There is no ‘right’ tarot deck. All of them potentially work, but the key here is to use one that ‘feels’ best in your hands, and the images strike a chord in you.

You can read a regular deck of cards just like a Tarot deck. Naturally, you don’t have the Major Arcana, but this doesn’t take away from sifting out answers with just the regular deck. Here’s a cheat sheet.

You can make your own Tarot deck. This idea really intrigues me. Get some card stock, cut into the sizes you want, round the corners, and now decorate as you need them. You can use a specific style, photos, drawings, sketches, or symbols.

How to create your own deck using your intuition.

Print your own deck. I would highly recommend nice cardstock or even use the paper for printing photos. Its sturdy and being glossy offers easy shuffling. I also suggest using a corner rounder to smooth the edges

Squidoo page all on printing your own Tarot deck- includes files.

What’s your favorite deck? Have you had some good or bad experiences with Tarot? Post in comments.


3 responses to “Ponderings on Tarot

  1. About 10 years ago I had a reading done for me using Crowley’s Thoth deck. At the time I was still stumbling along my own path of sorting my identity out and had no inclination towards the pagan path I walk today. However, the artistry of that deck and images on the cards fascinated me. A couple months later I was fortunate enough to come across the Thoth deck at a local metaphysical shop and knew I had to take the cards home with me, despite me not having any idea how to read tarot.

    Jump forward a few years and my spiritual studies brought me to learning about the tarot. I picked up that deck that had only really been out of its box once or twice. Even with my feeble skills, every reading I have done since has always been an accurate reflection of the person’s life I’m doing the reading for. Sometimes I think about getting another deck that is closer to my spiritual leanings (and less confusing on the card numberings,) but it’s hard to move on from a deck that has been to you or to find one that speaks to you in the same way.

  2. Or perhaps Thoth continually whispered in your ear to let you know you’re with the right deck, and you just need a way to better understand it. I once hear a tip on pulling a card each day (or week in my case) to just sit and look, meditate, and learn about that one card. Figure that 78 cards would mean a few month’s study, but you’d have a personal relationship with them when you’re all done. 😉

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