Treating kitchen burns

burnthumbI meant to blog yesterday but burned my fingers on a hot pan. It’ been a while since I burned myself that bad. Generally, its a little burn, I say ‘ouch’ and the pain goes away. This time, however, the pain lingered on and on and on, but I knew the steps for healing;

– Put Aloe Vera on the burn as soon as possible. I slathered this all over the thumb, and two burned fingers. The sooner the better.

– Put the burn in cool/cold water to stop the pain. I was already in the kitchen, so a bowl of water, and cool water helped ease the pain a bit.

– Treat the burn with an ice pack. I add ice to a Ziploc bag and cover with a paper towel. This keeps it handy and easy to refill as needed. You could also make ice packs with other stuff-

Create ice pack with Dawn dish soap.

Ice pack with rubbing alcohol.

Freeze Aloe and use as ice pack.– I wish I thought of this before I got burned.

You could also use frozen vegetables in a pinch as well. Peas and corn work best since the bag will be easier to manipulate around the wound. 

I was burned at dinner, and by bedtime, the pain waned just enough so I could sleep.  I worried I might sleep with the bag of ice (and it might leak).  Today, only a slight mark on the thumb indicates where I was burned at all. 

The burn should’ve blistered but I feel the Aloe helped the healing process more than anything.

What are your treatments? Post in comments

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