Pagan TV show- Vikings on History channel


I’m really getting a series called Vikings on the History Channel. So far the three episodes offer a historical, but also fictionalized account of the Viking era as told through the characters of Ragnor Lodbrok.

You often hear reference to their culture, beliefs, and religion. Mention of Odin, and the visions Ragnor Lodbrok (who really existed and mentioned in Viking saga) receives from Odin are also impressive.

This isn’t for kids. The scenes are ‘up close and personal’ and very bloody. The culture of the Vikings also might surprise you, such as when Ragnor and his wife ask an enslaved monk to ‘join them’ in bed. (He refuses which confuses them)

Here is a preview;

Don’t have cable TV? You can watch on Vikings on Hulu.

Viking Sunstones– a video by Hank Green that explains how the Vikings managed to take ships through fog.

Read the Wikipedia article on Viking warrior women, known as shield maidens.


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