Ah Spring At Last!

IMG_0030Here in Maryland, temperatures reached up in the 80’s, and I couldn’t be more happy. This winter left me so chilled all the time. I nestled beneath an electric blanket, bought more sweaters, regularly wore fingerless gloves to help keep warm. Now its t-shirts and sunglasses!

Flowers are blooming, the songbirds are singing, and you can smell the earth and growing things all around the place.

DSC00316I’ve been taking my dog regularly along the river. We’re just up the hill from Potomac River, and in the evenings, I can hear the Spring Peepers in the canal. My dog is ecstatic to all the critters around, things to smell, and even a run in a field from time to time.

My husband is off every morning to help in the communal vegetable garden, and I’m toying with the idea of planting some things in pots. I’m not sure, though; I have a ‘black thumb’.  We also expect to have the porch replaces and other work around the house, and I’m not sure if I want to take on gardening in addition to everything else.

But spring is here- and with it, STINK BUGS have returned. I’ve come to loathe them, and I generally like insects. Stink bugs, however, are one of the most unpleasant of Earth’s creation. They are clumsy, annoying, and I swear they enjoy buzzing around me just to piss me off. They land on me, and on occasion, land near me where I can’t see them until I roll them over with the office chair, or realize the hot water of a shower annoyed them, and they stink me.

Ugh @ them!

We’ll also be expecting the 17-year-locust, which is actually a Cicada, this summer I’m not real fond of these things either. They are LOUD. They also sound as if they’re calling me by name “sharonsharonsharon”. The 17 year Cicada looks somewhat evil; red eyes with a black body.

I suppose we should also prepare for the summer storms. Here in Maryland, we’ll get the occasional tornado, a blackout, sometimes flooding- although where I live the river never reaches us.

But I’m just blithering today. What signs of spring do you enjoy? Post in comments.

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