The Viking Afterlife

The Vikings had a peculiar view of the afterlife, where you died on battle, you were assured to join the gods in Valhalla, to drink and party, to fight and ‘die’ and do it all over again, every day, for eternity.

I found this video, The Saga of Bjorn, that illustrates in a funny way the tradition of dying in battle to go to Valhalla.

Death and Afterlife in Viking tradition is a complicated matter. Funeral rituals could be lengthy affairs, including human sacrifice, and lots of drinking.

Last week’s episode of The Vikings on the History Channel included much of what was described in saga and outsider accounts.  Ahmad ibn Fadlan wrote about his experience among the Vikings, adding the event of a funeral.

What’s your thoughts on the afterlife? For some pagans, they believe in Summerland, reincarnation, or other ‘heavens’. Personally, I feel whatever energy that makes us alive simply dissipates into everything else to be recycled. Add your opinion in comments.


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