Some recipes for pagan cookies

Ok, so maybe they’re not specifically pagan cookies, but I use them for esbat rites, and everyone really enjoyed them.

I also learned yesterday that the word ‘esbat’ comes from an Old French word, s’esbattre or ébat, meaning ‘frolic’.

Moon Cookies by Patti Wigington of pagan page. I cut the recipe in half and still had cookie batter left over. They are very rich, great for adding icing, but just wonderful all by itself. We also found that adding Nutella was also very good.

Two Ingredient Vegan Banana Oat cookies- I didn’t have quick oats on hand, but I did have a few packages of Raisin and Spice oatmeal, so I used that. It was a hit.



2 responses to “Some recipes for pagan cookies

  1. so glad to hear the cookies worked out for you, great idea on using the oatmeal packages!! I will have to try that the next time I’m short on oats 🙂

    • I shared them with some friends and we discussed all the flavors you could add by using the flavored oatmeal packages. It was be so yummy with apple and cinnamon, or even banana nut.

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