What the Bark Beetle Teaches Us


The other day when I took my dog for a walk, I found a fallen log with these lovely patterns etched into the bared wood. This is what Scolytinae, or the Bark Beetle (there’s 200+ different kinds), creates when it feeds on the Cambium layer (just under the bark).

Their world is 2D, generally speaking, and the beetles are known to infect trees to the point of being a pest. But I’m not writing about them as a pest, as much as the point of their 2D world they live in.  You see, there is no up or down for them, while under the bark.  The world is limited, sometimes like our thoughts.

We, however, are blessed with learning new ways of thinking. We can look beyond our world, to learn about new beliefs and new ways of doing things. We can let our thoughts and beliefs be challenged with new ideas, and shape them into something more fitted to our needs.

What other critters offer little lessons in Life? Post in comments. I’d love to hear your story.



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