Harvest time


Most American know Thanksgiving as a time to celebrate harvest but also the blessings in our lives. For pagans, we celebrate three harvests in the year;

Lammas– “Loaf Mass’ celebrates the first harvest of the grains. This is also called Lughnasadh,  Corn and wheat are symbols of the resurrecting god of the harvest, so breads and grain-based recipes are often included in ritual.

Mabon– (named after Mabon ap Madron) Celebrates the Autumn Equinox and the fruit harvests. Apples are very popular at this harvest as well as bonfires and lots of frolicking with dancing.

Samhain– The final harvest celebrates the final fruition of any and all harvests left in the field, and includes the culling of herds to ready for winter. This is the time to honor the dead.

I’ll be posting more of these holidays as they draw near.

Autumn Bucket List– I’m making one of my own lists to do this year. This link gave me lots of ideas.

Happy Bread Recipe– I want to try making this for Lammas. Just the look is enough for me. It looks like the sun.

Make an Autumn wreath for your door. You can use ribbon to add a pentacle as well.


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