Mabon- second harvest

TOSHIBA Exif JPEGThis year, my group celebrates Mabon, the second harvest and Autumn Equinox, on the 22nd. It’s the actual day of the equinox, marking a shift in the season, and when you need to consider preppping for the winter months ahead.

Mabon celebrates the Goddess’ descent into the underworld. (Inanna, Persephone). It’s a time to reflect on your goals and harvests, to give thanks for the things in your life, and to be grateful on what you’ve reaped what you’ve sown.

Mabon at– this provides lots of information on the history, the legend (of Mabon) and ideas to celebrate.

Spell Stars– a fun activity for Mabon using applesauce and cinnamon. These smell wonderful through the winter months. Apples are in season and traditional for Mabon.

Earthwitchery’s page on Mabon– This page shares some ideas on how to celebrate, including some recipes.

One year we made Lanterns. I felt this was perfect since we enter into the dark half of the year, and you create the lantern to light your threshold, to bar negative energies, and welcome good things into your house.

Other activities can include;

Storytelling– Share stories of myth and legends, such as the story of Mabon ap Madron, Inanna, or Persephone.

Brag and Boast story telling– Share a cup of wine, mead, or other drink with the group and share tales of your adventures from the passing year. Embellish the story as you like.

Sing-a-longs– You can share chants and songs with a group. You can find some songs here. You can find chants on this page– many include sound files.

Share your own traditions and ideas in comments below.



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