Thoughts on tattoos

tattooI’m considering a new series of posts about tattoos, from its history, culture, to the individual, personal stories people have with their tattoos.

My own tattoo is the Triple Spiral Swirl which predates the Celts. What I love about its symbolism is that it incorporates many meanings:

– Birth, Death, and Rebirth

– Mother, Maid,  and Crone

– Land, Sea, and Sky

– Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

I was a member of a coven, the Unorthodox Dirt Children, and members picked the symbol for our group. Everyone in the coven got one. Some picked purple, black, or green (which I picked), and they could pick where they wanted it. Some picked the lower back, upper arm, ankle, or calf. I picked the shoulder.

What made it special is that we cast circle before the artists began their tattooing, and members drummed while this was going on. My tattoo was also bought for me- a gift, from some friends (since I had no money for one).

Unfortunately, it faded a bit since I didn’t put enough lotion on it or something. I need to have it redone to make it look better, but I still like it.

How to care for a tattoo.

The coven also fell apart. Someone even joked about getting the tattoos led to that because as you know, if you get a tattoo of someone you love, you’re less likely to stick it out. I don’t know if I believe that, but the group basically imploded and never recovered.

I still like my tattoo, nevertheless.

I’ve discussed with my husband possibly getting ring tattoos. This way he can remove his wedding ring at work. He nearly lost his finger twice at his workplace, (He’s a fireman) and I told him that I don’t mind at all if he takes it off. He’s sentimental about it though.

Another tattoo I’d like to get is one of the Luna Moth or a butterfly. They represent transformation, and I feel since overcoming my Depression, it would acknowledge that.

If you have a story, let me know. I will post here. Add comments or ideas. I’d love to hear from you.



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