Wednesday Witch: The Crunchy Pagan Mom Blog


I may have added a number of mentions of this blog before, because the Crunchy Pagan Mom Blog offers a great deal of tips and advice, spoken in plain language, and offers lots of fun for witchlings.

The focus is on her family, but it’s a pagan family, so you’ll find many references to practice and activities, and even pagan homeschooling.

Some links I liked:

Lughnasadh/Lammas Activity Ideas for the Whole Family- She offers lots of ideas for families but many anyone can do.
How to Save Money on Pagan Supplies– Always helpful to find tips on saving money on supplies. She includes some links as well.
7 Baking Soda Uses for Pagans– I really enjoyed this post- lots of tips on using baking soda as something to cleanse/purify home and tools.


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2 responses to “Wednesday Witch: The Crunchy Pagan Mom Blog

  1. I checked out her blog and found a lot of great resources. Thanks! ^_^

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