The end of winter….hopefully

Snow Home 012

Now the weather shifted to warmer winds and brighter skies, thought lend to gardens and growing things. The photo added to this post are the purple Crocus in my back yard. I’m amazed my cat hasn’t squished them. He likes to sleep in the garden, often flattening an area to make a kitty nest.

299974_1960485705288_1637172176_1503949_1091223536_nMy husband is an avid gardener of veggies. He shares gardening with a friend, and last year, we got so much tomatoes, potatoes, squash, and other yummies. We still have things in the root cellar.

So I felt I’d share some gardening tips and ‘pins’;

How to lay out a planting bed

Paint rocks. This is a great idea for garden markers, or to mark stones for directions (east, west, north, south), or add reminders of Life.

35 Pest and Disease Remedies

Plan-a-garden– online tool

Garden veggies that grow in the shade.

How to make newspaper seed pots. You can also make seed starter trays out of cardboard egg cartons.

Remember, as pagans, we also recognize the symbolic ‘seeds’ of our wishes and wants through the year. Even those require care;

Weed out what hinders growth.

Water with attention and focused effort.

Feed the goal garden regularly

Sometimes, things will die. Learn from mistakes, but move on. You can’t grow without a few mistakes along the way.


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