If I started my own tradition…

TOSHIBA Exif JPEGThere are many traditions within the pagan religions, with many more since I started at the young age of 14…so many, many years ago.

New ones are popping up all the time, from the orthodox Gardnarians to the easy-going Reclaiming, to traditions specific to cultures such as the Asatru (Nordic) or Tamaran or Kemetic (Egyptian).

So what would I have if I were to start my own tradition?

  • I would have no leaders or followers, and no degrees. I’m a huge believer that EVERYONE is responsible for their own spiritual path.
  • We’d have no priest or priestess, but teachers. Their role is based on their ability to teach and share knowledge, but are also considered part of the group. We have rituals in circles, having no ‘head’, all are equal.
  • Members are expected to take responsible for their own spiritual path, including their ego.
  • My tradition would incorporate some of the Buddhist beliefs of removing the ego, to find happiness.
  • Members would be required to read a lot of books, even the ‘bad’ ones so they can hone their opinion.
  • They would be expected to think for themselves, to speak up and share their views. Groups would encourage diversity and mutual respect.
  • Laughter and play would be essential to all rituals.
  • Rituals would be done by everyone, where each member is encouraged to have a say on how the ritual is done, often sharing the diversity of the group.

So what would you include your tradition? Post in comments


4 responses to “If I started my own tradition…

  1. Hey there,
    It looks like a lot of our ideas about our own traditions are the same. I personally wish I could join a coven/group where the equality of members is important. The reason I stepped away from Christianity when I was younger to find my own spirituality in paganism is because I couldn’t stand the hierarchy and someone telling me what to believe.

    I love that you posted this and maybe some day you can make your ideal tradition a reality. 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment. I visited your blog- I like it. I love the Nostferatu hitting the light on and off. So funny!
      I agree it would be nice that such a tradition embrace equality, but that demands people tackle ego issues. I’ve met some folks where that would be a massive challenge. lol

      • Thanks for checking out the blog. I might start posting more pagan stuff soon, but I am still super new and learning my ways as a solitary.

        And I think that’s interesting that you find pagans with ego issues. I don’t know, but for some reason I always feel like those people whose spiritual paths become pagan are more enlightened than to grasp onto their ego like that. I mean, paganism, to me, is sort of like worshiping the earth and giving yourself up to her.
        I guess if I think about it, all religions wish for the person to give themself up to something/one, so maybe it’s a lot harder than I think.
        I don’t know. 🙂

  2. I think some people get into paganism because they need to feel important, but I guess we all do to a certain extent. I just don’t feel I need magical powers to be important or special. I try to encourage people like this to stop comparing oneself to others- it lends to more happiness.

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