Witchy Movies for October

I’ve been very sick this past week. I’m still sick. In fact I’m getting sick and tired of being sick and tired. Today, after a day on antibiotics, I’m still hacking and coughing but finally mustered energy to get a few things done.

I decided since being pretty much bedridden and watching movies all day, I’d share some of my favorite flicks for October;

Practical Magic is a lovely movie. I love how the relationships between the family (the two aunts and the sisters) play out. It includes a love story, magic and curses, and comedy.

Hocus Pocus is a comedy about three sister witches (evil) who come into the modern day to steal children to regain their youth. At first I didn’t like how they were portrayed but if you take it as the quirky story based on the stories of witches, then it can be fun.

The Craft had a ‘real’ Wiccan Priestess, Pat Devin, as a consultant. She admits its not Wicca, but did ‘what she could’ to provide elements of magic and ritual. I enjoyed it.


The Witches of Eastwick is a movie based on a book of the same title. I read the book and found some differences, with the movie having more magick and flash than the story told. It has some gross parts, it is ‘adult’, but otherwise a fun flick.

The Good Witch is the first of a series of movies based on the character, Cassie Nightengale, who the town she just moved in isn’t sure if she’s a witch or not. We, as the viewer, get to see her work in magic, and it’s a good movie for the family (kids too). A Hallmark TV series based on this will also be starting this month.

I didn’t want to include slasher or the scary flicks, but I might post them later this month.

If you have a favorite witch-based movie, post in comments.


2 responses to “Witchy Movies for October

  1. Sisterhood of the Night! I just recently watched it on Netflix and it’s so well done!

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