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The August Moon- Corn Moon

cornThis is the month of Corn Moon, marking the time of year for harvests. It’s also known as Sturgeon Moon, Blueberry Moon, and Full Green Corn Moon; all marking the importance of abundance with food.

Some August Activities:

Have a feast. This is the most traditional (and fun) activity to have in any month to celebrate harvests. Have a potluck and invite friends/family to share in the bounty.

Clearing out clutter. This is a great time to clean off your alter and switch to an autumn theme. This sort of activity also should include cleansing of tools, to clean physically as well as spiritually.

When cleaning out alter tools, you might want to see if items need a new home. Things I don’t use often find themselves to someone else who needs them.

Try baking something new. The act of baking, mixing, measuring, and stirring can add magic to our food.

Add sigils to pie crusts (for fruit or pot pies)

Make a bread cornucopia– A fun way to serve bread. This is the ‘horn of plenty’, a symbol of abundance and nourishment. Fill with produce, nuts, and flowers.

Offer sacrifices. Making offering can be anything from a libation poured on the ground thanking the gods, but consider these ideas;

  • Volunteer to help others to honor the god/dess
  • Make promises to them for a month such as being kind to others, giving money to a jar you’ll give to charity, etc.
  • Burn incense in their honor with a prayer of gratitude
  • Food, which was very popular in Greek/Roman times. Make the food yourself such as pastries or herb mixes, and leave out as offerings.
  • Songs, dance, art- I went to a pagan festival and a woman gave a song she wrote herself as an offering. Another woman offered a lovely dance. Others left notes of promises they would keep as offerings.

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Clearing clutter

tasklist Spiritual clutter can also take the form of negative thinking, over thinking, and negative feelings such as anger, jealousy, and other soul-sucking emotions. It’s not letting go, it is living in the past, it is letting others’ actions or words reside in your heart for too long. For me, the biggest issue of spiritual clutter is overthinking and having too much to do. Like a dog thrown too many toys and catching none, having too many tasks lends to my doing nothing. I get overwhelmed. The time has come to clear it out.

Recognize the clutter. This is the toughest part of the process because we fool ourselves into bad habits. Multi-tasking and keeping busy provided me this false sense of being productive. In fact, I was not. If anything, I stressed myself out. Getting to the heart of the issue can be a process that takes a while, but well worth finding the issue to fix it. Take stock of your feelings, your motivations, and how it serves your Life. Does it move you forward? Help you evolve? Or does it stand in the way of opportunity?

Find a way to remove clutter. This next step can also be a process of trial and error. Removing anger and jealousy can be huge because if you live with it long enough, its like having a favorite sweater you wear. We grow comfortable with the emotional/spiritual clutter, not recognize how unhealthy it really is. Sometimes taking it off ends up an illusion, you find yourself doing the same thing. Commit and keep at it. I find it helps to cultivate healthier habits to replace the old ones. For instance, being angry with someone can be replaced with compassion, knowing everyone has their issues. Difficult people often work from their own weaknesses (and clutter). You don’t have to let that take you down too.

Stumble and try again. This was tough for me to recognize- to accept I will fail, stumble, fall back into old habits. This is part of the process.

Some of the things I’ve cleared out;

– The anxiety I felt that had me biting my fingernails. After a year, I finally have long fingernails and don’t even feel the urge to bite. I might tap the nails now with anxiety, but I found mediation and simply taking moments to recognize that feeling to remind me to feel calm. Slow breathing helps too.

– Over thinking. Wow, this was really difficult to work through and I still work at it. Over thinking causes so much anxiety because you imagine things that haven’t happened. I remind myself of Scarlett O’Hara’s quote of “tomorrow is another day”. If I can’t fix something, I let it go to deal with it when I can.

– Too much to do. I realized this year that I just have too much to do. I homeschool my son, have my own business, volunteer with Score.org, organize meetup groups, blogs and fiction writing, and I find I just can’t do it all. I quit two meetup groups, keeping only the writer’s group open. I cut back on Score volunteering, rely more on my son taking on responsibility of studying, and most importantly, learned to say no. Even blogging will be on a schedule so can get it done, providing its scheduled and planned. This has made a world of difference.

wiccanalter Sacred space also needs a cleaning now and then, and mine was no different. I went through my stuff, asking if it serves a purpose. If it isn’t used regularly, it goes into a storage box. I prefer a stream-lined alter with only a few useful items, and you can take note, the Zen influences here. I really like the Terracotta flower pot plate filled with sand. I can put in any type of incense. It can be in cone form or stick, and I use a spoon to clean out the ash. I also add various crystals depending on my need. The plate that looks like a leaf is made from Paper clay where I used one of the leaves from my grape arbor to give it shape and texture, then painted it. I do not use anything flammable on it. Behind everything is a corkboard, so I can hang my jewelry, prayers, chants, and the pentacle charm.

What do you do to clear out your clutter? Post in comments.



Beltane activities 2013


I’m loving this beautiful spring weather. Taking my dog on regular walks along the river offers ample opportunity to be around nature and enjoy the scent, sights, and sounds of Life.

The meetup group gathers at my house tomorrow (or rather tonight being its so late with typing this up), and we’re celebrating Beltane. Technically, the date is May 1st, but some members couldn’t join at that time. I’m pretty flexible, and I think its more important to accommodate a group than to recognize a specific date.

IMG_1968Beltane, which means Brilliant Fire, celebrates when the herds are moved to their summer pastures. It also marks the season of fertility where sex is prominent, when the god and goddess form a union to bring Life into the world.

Some prominent activities include dancing a May Pole (which represents the phallus), and jumping over or between fires to make wishes and be purified/protected.

I like this idea from cyberwitch.com;

Cakes played a major role in many Beltane customs. A popular one was called the ‘knobby cake’. A cake was baked with nine lumps or ‘knobs’ on it, each one dedicated to a Deity, or Supernatural Being, or to an animal which threatened livestock. Each participant broke off a knob and threw it over the left shoulder, into the fire, saying, for example: "This is for you, gnomes, don’t steal my milk," or "This is for you, fox, spare thou my lambs."

This is fun to do even now. Since we (most of us) don’t live in an agrarian society, we might say something like: "This is for you, (name of employer), spare me my job!" Just remember, when you re-create an old custom, it should have valid meaning today.

Other activities to consider;

Feasting– I love potlucks with friends. Its fun to be surprised with meal choices, and eating food with others provokes its own kind of magick. Mead, sparkling cider or juices, fruit, dairy foods and Irish dishes (being Beltane is an Irish holiday), and anything that makes the day special.

Crafts– Popular crafts for Beltane include May baskets, floral head wreaths, masks, build fairy houses, ribbon wands, dance ribbons, make an altar sized maypole (video), and other May activities (video.

Frolicking– This is a whimsical, magical holiday. Dance in the woods, be playful, join in games, a hike, a picnic, but most important- have fun.

What fun traditions do you enjoy at Beltane? Post in comments