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Witch Wednesday: Witch’s Journey

witchsjourneySorry for the later-than-usual posting; Today’s witch site is Witch’s Journey, an easy to navigate blog with a number of interesting posts written in honest, down-to-earth language.

Topics include divination, myth, music, holidays, mental health, and a number of Slavic centered pagan posts.

There’s quite a number of posts to browse through and I’m not through even half yet. I enjoyed the following posts:

Medication and Spirituality– thought provoking

Some sort of holiday– I loved this rant. It spoke with such honesty and frankly makes some great points.

Check out the rest of the site. I give it a thumb’s up!

Wednesday Witch: Bringing Up Salamanders


Bringing Up Salamanders is a delightful blog from a pagan parent’s point of view. The author, Nydia from Brazil,  shares her hopes and fears raising her son, using very honest language in her posts on pagan-related topics.

She writes topics from how she celebrates the holidays, to the more personal posts on her son. Those type of posts, I think, are the best. They offer wonderful insight in how we, as parents, care and nurture our children.

Some posts I enjoyed;

Ostara and a new phase– where she’s ‘busted’ by her son, being the one who puts out the eggs on his altar.

Belated Yule 2012 post- Lovely post sharing her Yule with her son.

Samhain on our corner- I think the posts where she shares how she celebrates, and adds the pictures of the altar, and her family, are my favorite posts.

There’s many posts up. She’s been writing for some time, and I hope she continues.


Wednesday Witch: PaganByDesign- online BOS


PaganByDesign offers so many links and tons of information.  You can finds so much stuff here; from free printables (including a pagan daybook), to fiction, links to more blogs, history, recipes, and the list goes on and on.

Some links from the site:

The Kindness Jar

Depression and Magic: 13 steps

Writing and Conducting Rituals

As you can see, there’s some sound advice, great ideas, and a hefty resource to bookmark for later reading.