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July Buck Moon


The full moon falls on the July 9, 2017, known as the Buck Moon. This is when the male deer have full sets of antlers for the upcoming mating season in the autumn. This is also called Thunder Moon, for the season rain and storms.

Some fun activities include gathering storm water for rituals. I often do this with leaving glass jars out in the rain, then labeling them to be used later. The water can be used in ritual, for washing altar tools, or use for scrying.

Water scrying. (video tutorial) This technique lets you use visualization for divination similar to crystal ball gazing.

Ice Spell- Use the storm water to use in an ice spell. Take some parchment or paper, write down what you wish to remove from your life. Ideally, think of a bad habit or something that blocks you from moving forward in your life. Meditate and infuse the paper with this thing you wish to remove. Set it in the water and freeze this overnight PDRM0244until it is solid. Use enough to cover the paper. The thicker the ice, the longer it will take to melt. You can use rocks to hold down another bowl on top to form a ‘bowl’ of ice too.

Once frozen, remove from the container and set a candle at the center. Place in the moon outside, on a warm night and say “Ancient Moon, empower me to grow, let the ice melt away that which blocks me. Let it water my intentions to grow and thrive”.

You can meditate as it melts, but don’t leave any candle unintended. If you wish, don’t use the candle, just leave the ice outside. Once melted, pour to the ground and bury the paper left over. Give thanks.

Some pagans might want antlers for their home, and the other day someone asked me why were they so difficult to find? For starters, many animals will chew and eat antlers as they are great for teeth grinding (squirrels, rabbits, porcupine, beaver) not to mention a good source of calcium for anything that likes to gnaw such as Bobcat or wolves. Even if you were to find them in the woods, you often find gnaw marks on them.

You can check local hunting supply stores to see if they have antlers. Hunters use them to lure in bucks by rattle them together, simulating bucks fighting. You can search online but read descriptions. Some listings are made of resin and not bone at all.

Another source, try pet stores. You’re not likely to find a full rack but they carry antlers for dog chews of various sizes.

sun goddesses

In Wicca, you have the harvest god, sun god. But in many cultures, there are also moon gods as there are sun goddesses.

Check out Sun Goddesses to learn more.

Celebrating Summer:

Sangria recipes

Thai Peanut Skewers (grilling)

Very easy Strawberry frozen yogurt.

10 Best Summer Salads

Cakes and Ale

Cakes and ale is one of the part of ritual that serves multiple purposes.

Sharing of food and drink. Participation of communal food and drink helps build a dynamic or bond between members in ritual. It builds a sense of community.

Grounds the energy raised. Sometimes after raising energy or working magick, you might find yourself a bit ‘spacey’. Eating and drinking helps ‘ground’ your energies, to bring you made to the mundane world.

What kind of cake and drink to serve? This depends entirely on you and/or your group. I’ve been to some rituals where they served traditional recipes while others bought from a bakery. I’ve had cornbread, cookies, biscuits, cake, scones, and even fruit. For drink, I’ve had various mead, cyser,(fermented drink) wine, juice, and sparkling juice (which we use due to one member unable to drink alcohol).

You can try new things, or switch things around depending on the moon ritual you work. For instance, full moon in the spring you can serve fresh fruit with dip, while winter full moon you might want to serve cookies and cake.

Once you perform the thanks and blessing over the cakes and ale and everyone partakes (or just you if you are solitary), be sure to keep some for libation later.

In my group, we sometimes pass the chalice and plate of food more than once, often giving blessings to the person next to you. “I give you the blessing of strength” for example.

Cakes and Ale ceremony – simple and basic

Full moon ritual– a sample ritual with cakes and ale ceremony

Moon Cookies– a very rich buttery cookie much like a sugar cookie.

Crescent Cakes– a nut-based cookie.

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Blue Moon Ritual

moon So Friday, we’ll see a blue moon- not literally. It won’t be blue. A ‘blue moon’ is the second full moon within a single month, or more historically, a fourth moon within a season.

Either way, when looking up the moon, you find many moons named things like the Honey Moon or the Hunter or Wolf Moon. A blue moon has no label, because its an extra moon in a way.

Any full moon provides a pagan a time to commune with the Divine/Goddess, to work magick, or to craft tools for ritual or magickal purposes.

  • Charge items under the full moon
  • Fill a glass jar with rainwater and set out under the full moon for ritual purposes
  • Draw down the moon
  • Meditate beneath the full moon

This month, I’m making a doorknob hanger to be used with a doorknob spell (mentioned by Cutewitch in her YouTube video).

Here is some crafting ideas to make your own doorhanger, including a template to cut out in cardboard (or you can get cheap foam/wooden door hangers from the craft store).

You can add a dry erase area to the doorknob hanger by using packing tape, or using laminate. There is even dry erase paint you can get, or use left over plastic stuff some packages have.

You can also add a post it note spot, or a small notebook you can use instead.

Decorate as you see fit, adding elements and symbols of power. you can hang through a hole, or a hanger type shape, or you can tie ribbons and use that as well.

How to use:

Each night, say a positive affirmation or prayer. Write down on the doorknob hanger what you’ll do the next day, or how you want to feel, but word it as though its already happening. Hang on the door, and go to bed.

The next day, you should note a shift in your day. Winking smile

Homemade Door Hanger

Lots of doorhangers to be inspired.

Buy blank wooden doorhangers