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Some recipes for pagan cookies

Ok, so maybe they’re not specifically pagan cookies, but I use them for esbat rites, and everyone really enjoyed them.

I also learned yesterday that the word ‘esbat’ comes from an Old French word, s’esbattre or ébat, meaning ‘frolic’.

Moon Cookies by Patti Wigington of About.com pagan page. I cut the recipe in half and still had cookie batter left over. They are very rich, great for adding icing, but just wonderful all by itself. We also found that adding Nutella was also very good.

Two Ingredient Vegan Banana Oat cookies- I didn’t have quick oats on hand, but I did have a few packages of Raisin and Spice oatmeal, so I used that. It was a hit.


Full moon and holidays

600_103392972While being in study groups, a coven, and now a Wiccan meetup group, I find that trying to schedule full moon rituals in addition to holiday rituals a bit overwhelming.

I suppose it has more to do with being around people too much (I’m an introvert, by nature). I also found I haven’t been feeling well, physically or emotionally.  So this year, I’m opting out of the holiday festivities and even skipping the Full moon.

If you’re not feeling well, its inadvisable to be in ritual anyway, unless the ritual offers healing. Currently, I’m simply not up for a group healing either. I just want to hole up somewhere for a few weeks and be away from people.

I get that way now and then.

Once I have that period of time to take a break, I’m back to planning, organizing, and doing things again. Its like a spiritual hibernation to take stock of my goals, to recharge, and get back on track of things.

Do you feel that way? Do you take a break from everything? Do you feel it has to do with depression or a need to recharge now and then? Post in comments.

Follow up on Beltane


Last Saturday, my group celebrated Beltane with a potluck and mask making event.

My space is limited, having to cast circle in a smallish dining room where you can barely walk the perimeter. We made due.

The meal was delicious- Chicken Skewers, fresh salad, rice pilaf, homemade lasagna, a veggie tray with spinach dip, and more.

IMG_1586Mask making proved a bit challenging. The full face masks cost too much, so we opted for the less-than-a-dollar option of the half-face masks you can buy at the craft store. We then painted and glued our self-made designs. These will be used for midsummer.

Instead of a Maypole (no room, remember?), we used a very long gold and white rope ribbon. Each member bound their own ribbon (picked for color and design) to the main ribbon, where we all grasped it together and infused with our energy. Each member wished for something to come true in the next moon cycle.

IMG_0127Cakes and ale include sparkling pomegranate and blueberry juice with a variety of chocolate, including a fancy coconut-white-chocolate.

As we put out offerings beneath a bush in the front yard, we stood a while to enjoy the full moon in all her brilliant glory.


My camera couldn’t pick up on the details of the moon, unfortunately, but I felt, overall, the ritual went pretty well.

My biggest regret was a few members were unable to attend at the last minute.

How did you celebrate? Add in your own blog and comment (leave a link) below. I’d love to read it.